Monday, March 12, 2012


For one week, my art work is the subject of a huge spread on the web. Eulogistic feedbacks and comments I read everywhere go straight to my heart. Thank you everyone, I'm stunned. A picture escaped from my online portfolio turns around the world : the movie poster of WALT by Ron Howard, featuring Ryan Gosling. This poster is a part of a series announcing imaginary films. Indeed, WALT movie is no much more in pre-production than the others…

Unanimous, web users react: "what producers are waiting for to make this movies?" It's precisely with this envy of seeing amazing stories on big screen, that I created these posters (biopic mostly). From the graphic design to the title, through the tagline and the credits, they're in a way "ready to go" projects that haven't other goal to excite our imagination. At present.

For WALT, above, some pics that inspired me. Disney studios first created a toon character called "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit", very similar to the mouse we know. In a train, back to Los Angeles, Walt Disney would have the idea of rounded ears instead of long ones. Mickey Mouse was born.

For the cast, I first thought to David Arquette, then David Schwimmer. But I was unsatisfied by pictures I found. Thank God, I found that Ryan Gosling looked like Walt Disney (for this film, he should lose muscles!). Cherry on the cake, Ryan started his career on… Disney Channel.

In my mind, such a movie should be directed by a storyteller director, very epic, very novelistic. Ron Howard seemed the best choice. Michelle Williams could play the Disney's wife. Michelle and Ryan already played together in Blue Valentine. A little french touch, with the presence of Marion Cotillard, who could play with Ryan to evoke the Walt Disney's military service period in France, especially in Paris. Alan Menken score, of course, the genius of the animated long features of Disney reborn, and finally, a Walt Disney Pictures production, because I didn't see who else could tell this story!

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